To all of our valued clients and project partners,

Given the rapidly changing situation relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the unfolding public health emergency, Otium Planning Group (OPG) has responded promptly to the current and likely future impacts of the pandemic to ensure we can continue to support your projects.

OPG values the health of our clients, staff and strategic partners.  We can confidently assure our clients that, at this point, we have no reported cases of COVID-19. Our business has established continuity measures which are now in place and, although we will do some things differently, our client’s projects will continue with minimal disruption.

OPG has already invested in cloud-based systems and all our staff work across the Office 365 platform and collaborate using Microsoft Teams (we also retain legacy Skype for Business if required).  We can work and communicate from home as easily as in the office.   Our file and data management is based on business grade Dropbox as well as OneDrive/Exchange.  We are confident we can continue to service all clients and projects and can adapt our systems as needed.

OPG has acted early to implement recommended health measures.  In summary:

  1. We will cease all domestic and international travel for a period of 14 days (unless absolutely essential).
  2. We are monitoring local, state and national public health guidelines and responding accordingly.
  3. Our staff will be working from home and will be fully contactable via mobile phone, email and on-line conferencing.
  4. We will move all meetings to on-line using Teams or whichever platform works best for our clients.  Please note we can host meetings on our Teams platform if needed.  Of course, we will accommodate any cancellations or rescheduling as best we can.
  5. In the event of further measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, or if any staff become unwell, please be assured we have systems and the organisation to continue all projects and to allocate staff resources where needed to ensure your projects continue to progress.

Business as (almost) usual for OPG

We are committed to the delivery of your projects during these challenging times and are prepared for a shift in how we work and collaborate with our clients and partners.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis and most importantly we will approach the next few weeks or months with calm and a sense of care for each other.

We acknowledge that some of your projects will be held up, however this may also be a great opportunity to focus on strategic planning and we would be happy to discuss any project ideas if required.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your projects or our capabilities, please feel free to contact me.

Stay well and safe.

Kate Maddock
Managing Director
Otium Planning Group Pty Ltd