Otium Planning Group has joined with event specialist Parkdale Amber to provide a new service to work in partnership with your events team – our Events Strategy Services.

Who benefits from an Events Strategy?

  • Local Governments
  • Regional Tourism Agencies
  • Business Groups
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Regional Venues

Why do you need an Event Strategy? 

  • Events can contribute to an organisation’s Strategic Plan through:
    • New opportunities for your local economy
    • Employment opportunities & workforce capacity
    • Community enterprise, social cohesion & civic pride
    • Key priorities to focus effort
    • Provide guidance for the allocation of resources against community needs
    • Allow for accurate assessment of return on investment
    • Ensure all sectors of the community are supported in developing great events

To discuss your project’s needs, please contact Peter Stewart:
Phone: 03 9698 7300
Mobile: 0484 650 876
Email:  peter@parkdaleamber.com
For further information on Parkdale Amber, please visit their website at: http://www.parkdaleamber.com