Cities around the world are realising the benefits that events of all sizes make to the vibrancy and improved economy to communities. Government agencies support these activities in a range of ways including sponsorship and provision of services and through their regulatory role. Corporates also provide expertise and resources to ensure the successful delivery of the events. In many cases, this effort is not underpinned with a strategic approach that guarantees best outcomes for communities.

Key questions for consideration include:

  • Is the support of events directly linked Strategic Plans?
  • What level of support is appropriate?
  • Are we getting the best “bang for our buck”?
  • Which events are best for the city or region?
  • How do we ensure all sectors of the community benefit?

A well developed Events Strategy provides a framework for best practice in delivery of services and ensures that the community benefits through:

  • Driving the economy
  • Promoting the city / region
  • Building the capacity of the local workforce
  • Building the capacity of local businesses
  • Fostering civic pride
  • Supporting local priorities
  • Changing social behavior
  • Contributing to environmental initiatives