Otium is passionate about our industry and works hard to contribute to its expanding profile and growing importance in keeping communities active and healthy. We bring together experience from more than 1400 projects across Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific to provide our clients with unparalleled industry expertise and knowledge.

Built on the knowledge and experience of the four founding directors, Otium combines professional staff with a network of specialists to ensure the right expertise for every project. As individuals and as a team we understand the evolving challenges the sport, recreation and active living industry is facing. We are here to help our clients remain competitive and succeed with every project.

The capacity to respond rapidly to clients, with the right staff and resource networks, means we can deliver on the most challenging projects. With decades of project knowledge and contemporary industry understanding to draw on, we offer realistic evidence based solutions, scaled to suit the needs and resources of the client.

We deliver planning, management, funding and stakeholder engagement services to the sport, recreation and active living industries in Australia and Asia Pacific and offer clients support in all aspects of the industry from planning to implementation and review. From concepts to feasibility and management; from whole of city strategies to individual master plans; from local event planning to international facilities; and from needs assessment to program and facility responses.

Our services are built around four key areas:
− Planning
− Management
− Funding
− Consulting