Project Description

This study examined the need for development of a new sport and recreation complex in the Nambour/Woombye catchment versus undertaking improvements to existing sport and recreation infrastructure and provides a detailed action plan over a 20-year horizon (in 5-year cohorts) to plan for the recommended facility upgrades and/or developments.

The Sports Analysis:

“…investigates existing sporting facility supply within the Nambour/ Woombye catchment, including existing and future land provision, to determine the feasibility and potential staging/ triggers for the development of a district level sportsground.”

The study investigates six existing and one new greenfield site.

The Sports Analysis comprises four key interrelated components as follows:

  • Situational Analysis, including Background Research & Site Analysis, Engagement, and Analysis & Situational Analysis Report;
  • Developing Scenarios
  • Draft Plan; and
  • Final Report.


Sunshine Coast Council


David Mason
Jason Leslie
Verda Zammataro
Benita Bittner


Greenedge Design (Architects)
Johnson & Cumming (Quantity Surveyors)
MRCagney (Transportation Planning)